Secret Place: a Lagoon fansite


My alias is Europea on GameFAQs, and GladysKnight in some other places, and this is a fansite for Lagoon.

Some history, for the interested: this site was first built in summer of 2007. It was pretty minimal and was on a free, ad-supported host (Freehostia). Over time more and more content was added, until eventually it outgrew that host. In early 2010 I purchased the domain name ( and hosting it uses now. After the move, I simply mirrored all the content, although the Freehostia site is retired now so there is just the one location.

Lagoon being a retro game, it felt more fitting to make the appearance and site functions a bit retro as well. At least that was the intention. So as time went on I intended to avoid introducing Web 2.0 types of things, such as wiki features, blogging/tag clouds, social media integration, etc into the site (there's nothing wrong with any of these things of course) and also to keep it free of ads.

Lagoon is one of my earliest and most cherished childhood-video game memories, despite some objective things I might say about its quality now. On some level I think it really can stand up to the more 'famous' titles even though the game mechanics are really simple. I hope a publisher or developer picks it up someday and releases a sequel.

Or even if they can't make a sequel, it would be nice to see a revival of the game for DS or maybe on Virtual Console. There have been many older RPGs that were re-released for DS, so who knows.