Secret Place: a Lagoon fansite


Why are names in Lagoon in all CAPS?
The translators decided to do that for whatever reason.

Who owns the rights to Lagoon?
Kemco holds the rights. They were also the publisher for Dragon View and Genocide 2. There are no plans of releasing a sequel to Lagoon, DS release, or VC title right now.

What games are similar to Lagoon?
The Ys series is often compared to Lagoon, most notably Ys Book 1 and 2. It's entirely possible that Lagoon was riding a bit on Ys's coattails. The first few Ys games were released on NEC-PC8801, a few years before Lagoon on the Sharp X68000.
They are considered similar because:

Although there are some differences:

Another design element (and potential space-saving tactic) that both Ys and Lagoon have in common is that entering a town building (sometimes in Lagoon, pretty much all the time in Ys), takes you to a menu/cutscene, rather than allowing you to walk around, inside. This mechanic is also used in Final Fantasy I (NES) and some other early RPGs, and was oddly enough reprised a little bit in Final Fantasy XIII.

The Ys games have now been released in English so they're definitely worth trying out. Ark of Napetshim was also released in English.

What are the last three items?
The last three spaces in your inventory are blank! Not used for anything. For reference here is what a full inventory looks like:

What is with the Gold Cave Outside map?
It's not a problematic/bad image, the mountain top appears chopped-off in the game.

Where does the bridge outside Voloh lead to?
The bridge is just decoration, it's not intended to connect to anywhere (even if it looks like it does).

Why do chests sometimes hold money?
If you already own the item that the chests contains, you'll get money instead. You aren't allowed to have more than one of an item. Same reason you can't buy an item you already have ('2pc are too much').

Why is NASIR's sword so short?
Actually Nasir's sword isn't short, if you look carefully it's about 1.5 times wider than his shoulders, which in realistic proportions translates to almost 1 meter.
If you have problems hitting things you're just bad at video games

Are there any differences between the English and Japanese versions?

Aside from the obvious (language) differences, there is an odd graphical difference with the minister at the worship site. In the Japanese version he is wearing a vestment, in the USA version it is a shirt with buttons.

There's a difference in the environment graphics for the church as well. In the SHARP Japanese version only, there is a crucifix on the altar.

The crucifix was removed for both the Japanese and English SNES versions. (More minor- in the SHARP version, some panels of the stain glass window are white and the priest is physically moved on the map a tad lower.

Apparently, it is part of an overall effort to remove religious references from the game most likely to appease SNES censors. While game was created before ESRB there was likely some political correctness issue, so all references to religion were removed from the game. 'Church' is changed to 'Worship site', and the priest says something about God/prayer which was changed to "Well Nasir, you have become so strong in such a short time".

How is the main character's name spelled?
It depends on the version. In the English version it's NASIR, in the Japanese versions it's Nassel (from ナセル in Japanese).

Do you host the SNES ROM on this site?
No, but if you need to find it you can use a search engine, snes roms are old enough to be widely available.