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These edits apply to the SNES ROM.

Replace NASIR's sprite with THOR

This is a graphical edit that replaces NASIR's sprite with a sprite that looks like THOR. It includes walking and jump animations. Link/screenshots will be posted hopefully soon. I had some hard drive problems and the patch is gone, the copy I uploaded to FileFront also got purged. (Did you get a copy of the patch from the GameFAQs thread? If so please please send it back to me.)

Enlarge hitboxes on enemies.

This makes it much easier to hit enemies. NASIR's own radius of being hit isn't affected. Still being adjusted/tested. Download here.

Patch info:
- The patch applies to the plain .smc file, not a zip file. It was only tested on the American (U) version of the rom (not found here), might work on other ASCII-character set languages.
- The patch only touches certain parts of the file, but it's really big because it strips out the ROM header.
- I recommend using a patching tool like LunarIPS because the auto-patcher in ZSNES doesn't work a lot of times.

Editing tools:
- Geiger's SNES debugger
- HxD
- 65816 Documents