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Using a copy of the ROM, it's possible to extract all text from a game. The text includes item names, dialogue, etc. I did this with the SNES Lagoon and put it in a file.

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-Because it came directly from the ROM, the script isn't formatted for order. So the dialogue will be there but not necessarily in the order it appears chronologically in the game, or anything (it's the same order as it's stored in the cartridge.)

-In some places in the script is the tag {var}. I put the tag there when the script references game data, rather than literal text, if you see it you'll know what I mean.

-To get the script I made a translation table to map the characters. The table is in Thingy format, &it could be useful for someone looking into translating the game. Click here to see the table.

-The script was taken from offsets 0x20400 to 0x27F0D, but there was some extra binary data in the middle, i left it out from the file above. This could be text data too, that needs a different table? (i'm curious, if anyone knows please let me know)


There is only the Japanese version of the SHARP game, so here is the script if anyone would care to translate it. Any takers?

I'm not certain that this is the full script, there is some text in cutscenes at least that probably is either compressed or uses a different encoding. Still, this includes a good amount of dialogue, weapons, item names, locations, etc.

This one didn't need a translation table, all the text in the game is viewable as EUC-JP if you offset each two bytes by 0x8080 and switch the endianness. Here is the result in a (unicode) text file.

View the script