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Enlarge hitboxes on enemies.

This makes it much easier to hit enemies. NASIR's own radius of being hit isn't affected. Still being adjusted/tested. Download here.

Patch info:
- The patch applies to the plain .smc file, not a zip file. It was only tested on the American (U) version of the rom (not found here), might work on other ASCII-character set languages.
- The patch only touches certain parts of the file, but it's really big because it strips out the ROM header.
- I recommend using a patching tool like LunarIPS because the auto-patcher in ZSNES doesn't work a lot of times.

Some useful leveldata offsets.
Atland: 03BD6B - 03C66B
Worship Site: 03C7FB - 03C94B
Gold Cave: 03CA6B - 03CB6B
Everything else is after, and ends at 05EEA0

Editing tools:
- Geiger's SNES debugger
- HxD
- 65816 Documents