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Save State Editor

While playing through certain areas or trying out certain things with an emulator it can be useful to modify your inventory/stats on the go, particularly when using the 'Edit Mode' PAR code. However, editing save states directly takes a bit of time with each change and there is always the possibility of mistyping. So here is a program I made for convenience to do the same editing.

There are two versions: the Windows Store app, and the desktop program. The Windows Store app is available on Windows 8 and later.

Windows Store App Version

Download Link


    • Designed to work with ZSNES, SNES8x and SNES9x saves.
  • Desktop Windows Version

    Download Link (x86, Windows)

    The source code is located here. (VS2010 C# project folder)

    - Tested with ZSNES version 1.51 and the USA/North American version of the rom. Works on the Japanese version also.
    - The maximum HP/MP are stored in the game image as a function of your level, so they aren't edited directly.
    - If playing through the final boss fight, ensure that Thor's pendant is NOT in your inventory. The fight will be glitched if you already have the pendant.