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Japanese Manual

This page is for images from the Japanese Super Famicom game - primarily the instruction book. The manual has a lot of text and drawn art that doesn't appear in the western one. In particular there's one more artistic-looking page with the main characters standing in a row. I took some scans of the book and they are posted below.

All the scans, sized down and on one page (Page may be slow to load)

Larger resolution: [0] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14]

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Back-of-box text:

邪悪なる神と天空の神々との凄絶な闘いから永い歳月が流れた今、再びレイクリーランドでは邪神復活の野望がうごき始めていた。 邪悪な力を封じる為、光の勇者"ナセル"は立ちあがり、ラグーン城を目指して旅立った。壮大なフィールドに展開する、美しいグラフィックと音楽が君を魅了する、ファンタシーアクションRPG"ラグーン"。 新たなる伝説が再びこの地に刻まれる。

English translation (To my guest contributor- thanks so much, for this!):

Centuries have passed since the gruesome battle between the god of evil and the gods of the heavens, but now the ambition to resurrect the evil god has once again begun to stir in Lakeland. In order to seal away this evil force, Nasir, the Hero of Light, has set out for Lagoon Castle. With an expansive world, stunning graphics, and beautiful music, you’ll be amazed by the fantasy action RPG “Lagoon.” A new legend will once again be engraved upon this land.