Secret Place: a Lagoon fansite

There's a secret place in the castle,

where the power of magic will be multiplied.

If they use magic to

revive the evil spirit, it would be terrible.

This is a fansite for Lagoon, a game made by ZOOM in the early 90s.

Lagoon is an action-RPG spanning two games. The first game was for the SHARPX68000 (an old computer system), and released in Japan only. The second game was released for the SNES in Japan, the US and Europe, and is better known. The two versions have similar gameplay and graphics but are different enough not to be a port.

The 'Secret Place' that this site is named after, is one of the final levels of the game.

Special thanks to:

  • Posters at this GameFAQs topic for some of the content ideas
  • The people who have gotten in touch with me to discuss the game and submit some of the content here
  • Zoom and Kemco for making this memorable game.
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