Secret Place: a Lagoon fansite


Following are some helpful maps for the game. They were completed by StarFighters76, also author of a Lagoon FAQ, posted with permission.

Gold Cave
Philips Castle
Dwarf Cave
Siegfried Castle
Ice Cave
Lagoon Castle
Secret Place

These and many other game maps are posted here.

Captured Maps

These maps are captured from the game by me. They are stored at 1:1 size, so some are large and take a while to load.

There is an extra map stored in the game, accessible as the last map by EDIT MODE. Functionally it's identical to the Atland map except there are no sprites and it hangs the game when Nasir walks into any doors. Weird! Since it is visually identical to Atland, it is not included here.

The maps are annotated with item locations, connections and other points of interest.

Worship Site
Gold Cave entrance
Gold Cave B1
Gold Cave Hallway 1
Gold Cave B2
Gold Cave Hallway 2
Gold Cave Outdoors
Elf Field
Philips Castle entrance
Philips Castle 1F
Philips Castle 2F
Philips Castle basement
Philips Castle warp
Dwarf Desert warp
Dwarf Desert
Dwarf Cave Corridor 1
Dwarf Cave Corridor 2
Dwarf Cave 1
Dwarf Cave 2
Silence Terrence
Dwarf Cave Foyer
Hobbit Valley
Poper House
Poper Church
Poper Church Basement
Gnome Plain
Siegfried Castle 1F
Siegfried Castle 1F stairs
Siegfried Castle 2F
Siegfried Castle 3F
Siegfried Castle basement
Gnome Tree
Gnome Plain
Ice Cave
Nymph Spring
Phantom Hill
Phantom Hill summit
Lagoon Castle entrance
Lagoon Castle 1F
Lagoon Castle 1F hallway 1
Lagoon Castle 1F hallway 2
Lagoon Castle 2F
Lagoon Castle 2F hallway 1
Lagoon Castle 2F hallway 2
Lagoon Castle 3F
Lagoon Castle 3F hallway 1
Lagoon Castle 3F hallway 2
Lagoon Castle 4F
Lagoon Castle 4F hallway 1
Lagoon Castle 4F hallway 2
Lagoon Castle 5F
Lagoon Castle 5F hallway 1
Lagoon Castle 5F hallway 2
Lagoon Castle dock
Secret Place entrance
Secret Place cottage
Secret Place
SAMSON's room
NATELA's room
EARDON's room
DUMA's room
THIMALE's room
BATTLER's room
Evil spirit's room 1
Evil spirit's room 2
ELLA's room
King&Queen's chamber
FELICIA's chamber

Click here to download all the maps without any labels or annotations (7.05mb)