Secret Place: a Lagoon fansite


ZOOM Online - The developer of Lagoon. The SHARPX68 version might still be there for download
Kemco - Lagoon's publisher

Lagoon Shrine@RPGClassics - a dedicated lagoon fansite with a lot of gameplay information
Gaming Sanctuary - a video game fansite run by Vyse at gamefaqs, with a wealth of information including a Lagoon review
Flying Omelette - an in-depth review of the game
Galbadia Hotel - a very comprehensive site, that hosts Lagoon's soundtrack
Video-Game-Reviewers - an aggregator of video game review sites, ranked by popularity. The owner was kind enough to link here

Retro Game Soundtrack Promotion Association - The owner was able to take all the songs from the Sharp 68k soundtrack, and resequence them as Midis/Mp3s. Much better than listening to SPCs! To explore the Lagoon songs, go to MIDI/MP3 on the left and click on the Japanese letter 'ra'(ら).

Aw(some/ful) Video Games Done Quick - This is a speedrun of Lagoon done for charity with a lot of commentary. Yeah, they don't think too highly of Lagoon. LOL. Part way through they mention this site, in fact.

Lagoon speed run in 1:28:52 - This is another speedrun done by the same person as above, with an even faster completion time, without any tool assistance and without dying at all. Really a feat of skill.

There are a couple "Let's Play"s of Lagoon on Youtube as well if you search for them. A Let's Play is a playthrough with commentary, not necessarily a speedrun but just to showcase a realistic playthrough of the game. Channels frequently come and go, videos expire and get taken down, etc, so I'm not going to link them here, but rest assured you can find them if you look.

Lagoon Intro 8 Bit - This is an awesome chiptune remix of Lagoon's opening theme.

Tony's Forest of SNES - Lagoon Game Review - An excellent in-depth review of Lagoon with lots of cool 3D effects, and even a mention of this site.

Lagoon at GameFAQS - a huge amount of information
Lagoon at GameSpot - like above, with more reviews
Lagoon at IGN - some Game Genie codes

Tool-Assisted Speedrun - The person is this video finished the game in an 1:10:26, although they exploited a lot of things
Lagoon YTMND - Not really sure what this is supposed to be

Zophar - for spc soundtracks and savestates
JCEC - has information about the SHARP

Kuro-RPG - extensive database of graphical game avatars (ranksets) emblems, uniforms, graphic art, movies, games and music.