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Lagoon for SNES

The SNES version of Lagoon is much more well-known compared to its SHARP counterpart. It was made early in the life cycle of the SNES, just before Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past came out. With that in mind the graphical achievement wasn't monumental, and it was probably for memory management reasons that so many things were 'condensed' out of the Sharp68k version. (ie. extra cutscenes, etc).

The game was able to economize space taken by images by pallette-swapping each of Nasir's armour to make each one look different, as well as compressing the environment graphics.

Lagoon is compared often to the Ys series, in terms of its mechanics and graphic appearance.


Healing PotAcquired in the shop in Atland, and in the treasure chest in the Gold Cave. Refills a small amount of HP. Used as quest item to heal Giles. The Japanese Lagoon calls this item 'Potion' so likely this item was meant to be 'Healing Potion' but they ran out of letters.
Shiny BallIncredibly expensive (10,000GP) item, purchased in Voloh's item shop, causes Nasir to have regenerative HP and MP for an amount of time. Similar effect/regeneration rate as walking in a town. This item adds significance to money in late-game since it is expensive and optional, but the amount of grind it takes to acquire it is too high for it to be worthwhile, especially when the Curing ring is a good alternative.
Shiny StoneRefills a small amount of MP, acquired in Atland's item shop, also in some treasure chests. Limited usefulness because the amount restored is small and doesn't scale with NASIR's level, whereas magic only starts to become worthwhile in the Dwarf Cave. However there may be some opportunities to use it early-game.
ElixirVery useful, refills all of Nasir's HP. Can be purchased in Voloh or acquired in some treasure chests. Worth backtracking to Voloh.
Bright StoneRefills all of Nasir's MP, acquired in the Ice Cave. Using this item and then re-equipping the curing ring is one last resort in a boss fight if all other healing items are expended.
Life BallRevives Nasir with full HP (and MP) if he dies. Must be equipped as the active item to take effect. It works automatically when Nasir dies; there is no need to use it explicitly. Received by killing Thimale.
Samson's KeyAllows Nasir to unlock the door to the room where Samson, the first boss, is. Received from the Faith Healer.
Philips KeyUnlocks the door to the basement of Philips castle.
Key of PrisonUnlocks the door to the prison cell where Voloh's elves are imprisoned in Philips castle.
MintCures the inhabitants of Poper of their disease if they drink mint tea. Found in a chest in Siegfried Castle.
Duma's KeyUnlocks the door to Duma, the boss in Siegfried Castle.
Siegfried KeyUnlocks the door to the Siegfriend Castle tower, acquired after defeating Duma.
Movable MantleUsed for teleportation; the imprisoned elves in Philips castle use it to escape. Talking to the elves while having the mantle in your active item slot will activate it. Acquired in Voloh.
Ancient BookA book describing the story of Nasir's birth and related prophesies. 'Using' it will read the book.
Freezing PotUsed for creating a path through the lava in the Dwarf Cave leading to the boss. Recieved after showing the old man in Denegul the Moon Stone.
Thor's PendantA treasured possession of Thor's. He loses it in Voloh at one point and Nasir goes to retrieve it for him. At the end of the game his soul is placed in the pendent and is given over to Nasir. While it is possible to equip it, the item has no actual effect (as far as I know?)
Magic MirrorCatches and focuses the sun's rays on objects to zap them. Nasir uses it to remote the rocks blocking the Dwarf Cave.
Moon StoneA valuable stone that is said to be a rock from the moon. Found in the Silence Cave in the Dwarf Cave. The Old Man in Denegul wished to see it at least once. When moonlight shines directly on it, in Lagoon Castle, it becomes forged into the Moon Blade.
Angel's BellAn instrument used to summon angels. Acquired in Lilaty.
Truth FireWhen lit, no one nearby is capable of lying. Used on the inhabitants of Lilaty.
Fur MantleA thick coat used to keep Nasir warm in the Ice Cave. Without it, he will suffer damage and eventually perish, at around the same rate as standing in lava. It is worn by selecting it as the active item. For this reason using items in the Ice Cave has to be done quickly. The mantle does not, however, need to be worn in Thimale's room.
StatueAn artifact found and used in Lagoon Castle to free Felicia.
Tablet of HopeOne of three ancient tablets found near Voloh. Thor helps Nasir find them. They spell out the magic words needed to unlock the door to Philips castle.
Tablet of WishThe second of the three ancient tablets.
Tablet of FaithThe third of the three ancient tablets. Found around the bluffs outside Philips castle.


Short SwordIncreases attack by 10. Purchased in Atland for 150 Gold.
Silver SwordIncreases attack by 40. Found in Philips Castle.
Magic SwordIncreases attack by 80. Found in the Dwarf Cave. As it so happens, it does not have magic-related effects.
Force SwordIncreases attack by 100. Found in Siegfried Castle.
Moon SwordIncreases attack by 120. Found in Lagoon Castle by shining the light of the moon onto the Moon Stone. The Moon Blade is the only means of defeating the evil spirit revived by Zerah.


Bandit ArmorIncreases defense by 5. Purchased in Atland for 100 Gold. Nasir has the same appearance for this armor as if he has no armor, and appears wearing this version for the promotional materials for the game.
Gold ArmorIncreases defense by 20. Found in Philips Castle.
Sonic ArmorIncreases defense 50. Purchased in Denegul. Thor appears to be wearing one.
Thunder ArmorIncreases defense by 80. Found in Siegfried Castle.
Moon ArmorIncreases defense by 100. Found in Lagoon Castle.


Small ShieldIncreases defense by 5. Purchased in Atland for 100 Gold.
Large ShieldIncreases defense by 20. Found in Philips Castle.
Great Shield Increases defense 50. Purchased in Denegul.
Maxim Shield Increases defense by 80. Found in Siegfried Castle.
Moon ShieldIncreases defense by 100. Found in Lagoon Castle.


Protective RingIncreases defense by 30 while draining MP. Found in the Dwarf Cave.
Power RingIncreases strength by 30 while draining MP.
Defensive RingMakes NASIR suffer no damage from enemies, while draining his MP.
Curing RingRecovers NASIR's HP will draining MP. Useful for boss fights. Found in one of the later areas of Lagoon Castle next to an non-jumpable gap.
Time RingSlows down the movement of enemies. Found in the Secret Place in Lagoon Castle. Limited usefulness, because the effect does not work on bosses, this one is only really suited for difficult/fast-moving mobs (particularly the black ghoul in the Secret Place) where you have missed the other rings.


Earth StaffUnlocks the first group of magic spells. Nasir receives it from the mayor of Voloh.
Sky StaffObtained in Denegul.
Star StaffObtained in Poper from one of the spirits in the church basement.
Moon StaffObtained by one of the nymphs in Nymph Spring after ringing the Angel's Bell.


Fire CrystalUnlocks fire-elemental magic. Nasir receives it first after defeating Samson. The first spell, a fireball, is useful for taking out enemies in the Elf Field at long range without risk. It is less useful in Philips Castle because it (and all magic) are blocked by knights' armor.
Wind CrystalUnlocks wind-elemental magic, along with the powerful Wind Cutter spell. It may be that the Wind Cutter is the best/only useful magic in the game, and makes enemies in the Dwarf Cave quite easy. Found in the Dwarf Cave.
Water CrystalUnlocks water-elemental magic. The water elemental spells have some interesting graphics, particularly the dragon (the last tier spell) but the MP cost is high making them difficult to justify.
Thunder CrystalUnlocks lightning-elemental magic. Similar to water spells, their MP cost is high and the damage is usually not enough to warrent it.

List of Spells





Fire Crystal


3-Way Fireball

Fire Fall

Fire Dragon

Wind Crystal

Wind Cutter

Wind Blaster


Earth Quake

Water Crystal

Water Hammer

8-Way Hammer

Water Rush

Water Dragon

Thunder Crystal

Thunder Ball

Homing Thunder

Thunder Bolt

Explosive Thunder